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Published Wednesday November 30, 2011  
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"Like all artists I want to cheat death a little and contribute something to the next generation" - Dennis Hopper

DENNIS HOPPER, 5/17/1936 - 5/29/2010
was born in Dodge City, Kansas, one of the Top 10 True Western Towns that have made an important contribution to preserving their pasts.

Mr. Hopper, cowboy, flower child, and crusader, also made a contribution to this world, a long line of contributions, some brilliant, some indefinable, but by most standards, definitely memorable. And like a cat with 9 lives, he cheated death many times over. Dennis Hopper rest in peace, you will be missed!

The imprint of contribution seems to be everywhere these days. What have I done to leave a mark that will benefit the generations behind me? What have I invented or written that will change the course of history?

How many lives have I touched with a smile or an act of kindness?

Maybe your contribution stems from an entire generation of voices and actions that shook our world and shaped an era of thinkers and believers like Boomers and Beatniks (Beats).

From protests to freedom and homemakers to movers & shakers, this story has yet to be written.

It's time to start writing your story.