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Published Tuesday December 11, 2012  


The holidays are a special season and sending personalized greeting cards, videos or messages makes it a special occasion.

Think about many holiday greetings do you receive that you can tell almost no thought went into the email or message?

Personalized holiday messages take more time, effort and can cost more but they have more impact on people that have impacted us.

This the perfect reason to "get more personal and wow them" with your holiday cards and messages this year!

We see the decorations go up all over towns, businesses, communities and homes creating a warm, exciting, fun and festive experience. An important part of the festivities is reaching out and touching people we care about and appreciate both personally and professionally.

Although much of our communications have shifted online, it's still a wonderful gesture and an effective way to send holiday greetings to distant or near friends, and colleagues either as an e-card or video message.

When you make the time to create a holiday message that is thoughtful or memorable and think more personal and creative...tis the season!

Consider these suggestions.

  • Cut down your list to your key VIP's, and spend more time showing them you really care with some cool, different cards and a personalized message especially for that person. Need some inspiration or ideas on cards, check these out!
  • Holiday cards are part of the visual festivities. Choose colorful, vibrant cards, with bold, interesting images that will adorn any home, or holiday setting. String them up, pin them to a corkboard, or put them in the tree or around tables and furniture.
  • Take this more personal opportunity to say thank you. A thoughtful, heartfelt message to someone who has supported you, sent in a holiday card or message is very effective.
  • Think creative and include other things. Write a year in review, include a vacation picture, stick in a cool holiday bookmark, or update a new address, phone number or website.

Holiday gift giving and messaging is a tradition that should be protected and saved. We should never get too busy during the holiday to participate in and be thoughtful to people we care about in our family, business and community. Tis the season to spread good cheer, kindness and gratitude!

Here are some great organizational tips for sending out your holiday cards and messages.

Looking for a special way to involve the whole family? The Holiday Mail for Heroes program through the Red Cross and Pitney Bowes makes sure our Military gets holiday cards from anyone!

At AD Marketing we look forward to this time of year, to say thank you to all of our loyal friends, fans and customers for their love and support. So, from all of us to all of you have a Happy Holiday and Wonderful New Year!