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Published Friday May 25, 2012  
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Do you ever wonder why some animals have survived thousands of years and others haven't? What does "survival of the fittest" really mean?

For the dinosaur, whose extinction took many years, their extinction was caused by biological changes that made them less competitive with other organisms, especially the mammals that were just beginning to appear.

The interesting Chameleon for a reptile has excellent vision, capable of focusing in on the smallest insects from half a foot away.

The highly evolved Dolphin's longevity and survival is because they're smarter than almost any other creature on the planet. Dolphins are extremely social animals.

In the advertising business, building brands and buzz has always been at its core.

Seeing pop trends early and embracing revolutionary changes on how branding and building buzz actually gets done is another thing entirely. The professional media company that has adapted, adopted and applied the newest communication technologies are surviving.

"We have the opportunity to identify and see pop culture trends when they're starting and incorporate our brands early in the process. Earlier is better, in the same way that coverage of breaking news is inherently more interesting than reports of events that already took place." ( Spotting the Trends Before They Break Out in the NYT, by Stuart Elliott, New York Times columnist since 1991)

The blending of traditional with new media has opened up galaxies of opportunities for brands to reach more people. The traditional media world has been literally turned upside down by social media and technology.

How are you adapting, adopting and applying change to your world?

"Ultimately, brands need to have a role in society. The best way to have a role in society is to understand how people are talking about things in real time." Jean-Philippe Maheu, Chief Digital Officer, Ogilvy North America.

What are those things?

Personal/Business Branding
Bold, clear, compelling and memorable branding for businesses and the people who run them, big or small must communicate what they do and who they serve.

Social Media
The new other media world we live, work and play in now on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, email marketing is vital to reaching our friends, fans, customers and clients. Online and digital presence is becoming the lead media that sets the trends and tone.

Early Trend Adoption
Spotting and embracing consumer and business trends early is a keystone to relevance in business.

People change and grow up an out of trends. Knowing about your customers is the key to communicating with them.

Vision, instinct, intelligence and adaptability are why some animals survive and some don't. They sense when change is coming or they react to it quickly.

Are you Sniff and Scurry, or Hem and Haw from Who Moved My Cheese?

Our vision at AD Marketing & Communications has enabled us to thrive even after 11+ years!

  • We focus our concentrations on key efforts of consumer behavior, growing technology, perception and resourcefulness.
  • We believe in providing content and innovation that work together to help lead you through an ever-changing web of technology.
  • We fearlessly stay current in a marketplace where consumer behaviors are constantly evolving.

This is the new "survival of the fittest"!

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